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saw the post on CXMag about the 2014 Redline Conquest. Glad to see they are keeping with the optional canti/disk option in addition to their 'replaceable dropouts' that will switch from 130 to 135mm spacing on the Team version.

I am a canti guy, and with 4 CX bikes in our family, all canti, and 6-7 wheel sets glued up for CX, I can't afford to switch if i want a new race frame.

If i were building a dedicated gravel grinder... disk all the way, but for my race bikes, for the time being, too invested in canti's. I did pit for a guy at masters worlds who was very glad to have disks in the freezing temps, and I live in Michigan, so I see a couple frozen (frozen mud killing cantilever) races a year, but until I can afford hydro, I don't think I can do it.
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