PETALUMA, CA - Anyone who's ever wondered what makes CamelBak® hydration products so unique and innovative can now find out thanks to the company's radically redesigned website. Never-before-told stories are available at, where visitors are treated to a host of interactive features, including the introduction of a barcode tag reader, more than 80 new videos, behind-the-scenes lab footage and access to CamelBak's stable of decorated athletes.

The new site offers stories about the history and culture of CamelBak, which began two decades ago with an IV bag and a white tube sock. Since its humble beginnings, the company has become the definitive personal hydration leader with a thirst for continuously reinventing and recreating how people hydrate and perform.

"CamelBak prides itself on being forward-thinking in every aspect of our business," said Chris Strain, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at CamelBak. "From the product development teams to the innovators who handle our website and social media channels, we challenge ourselves to find new ways to do things, and it is our hope that this website opens up an interactive dialogue to learn more about proper hydration."

To better connect people to the CamelBak community and culture, the company is introducing several new features, including:

- A product tag reader when scanned by a smartphone, will instantly direct people to interactive videos and detailed product information;
- "The Lab," which includes behind-the-scenes video of CamelBak products hydrating NASA astronauts, as well as research, development and testing videos of its most recent product innovations - including CamelBak Groove,™ a portable filtration device that provides access to freshly filtered water anywhere;
- A Bak-Stage Pass to CamelBak's athlete community featuring mountain biker Kirt Voreis, LUNA Chix Pro Team runner Jane Kibil, stand-up paddle sensation Slater Trout, cross-country and endurance rider Mark Weir and a host of others;
- Detailed search capability that directs people to the hydration option best suited for them based on activity, capacity, look and season.

Both the redesigned website and a revved up Facebook fan page are part of CamelBak's campaign to reduce the need for single-use water bottles. Make a difference by visiting the site and participating in the disposable-free dialogue.