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listen to this first then read

Kay Blanset didn't expect her new job as an office assistant to be very exciting. Then her co-workers told her about the open secret their arrogant boss, Robert Schiro, had been keeping:
He was the hit-and-run driver who plowed into a bicyclist in Saratoga in 2009, leaving her brain damaged and near death. Schiro, whose license was suspended at the time for drunk driving, denied to the police that he was at the wheel. But in private he told a different story.

"I urged the people I worked with to go to the police, but no one would," Blanset told me. "So I knew I had to."

And that's how a Gilroy grandmother set a trap for a guy who had been stonewalling the cops for months, living in his hillside home with his girlfriends and his fancy cars, while the young woman he ran down fought through pain, physical weakness and memory loss.
When Blanset told the cops what her co-workers had said, the authorities said they needed more than hearsay. She would have to get Schiro's admissions first-hand.
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