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Tahoe City is near Squaw Valley. There are plenty of good rides.

1. Barker Pass Road (my favorite climb in the area).
2. Alpine Ski Resort
3. Squaw Valley
4. Donner Pass Road to Sugar Bowl and further to Cisco Grove (could ride around Donner Lake).
5. Ride around Lake Tahoe (Please please please be careful on this one, tourists & distractingly beautiful views make for dangerous riding in certain areas).
6. Hwy 431 to the summit of Mount Rose and back.

Stay away from Hwy 267 as it has poor surface, very little shoulder. To get more ideas look at the someof the organized centuries in the area. That should give you plenty of options. If it's snowing and too cold....well... Nothing that a glass of scotch wont fix.


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431 to Mt Rose is great, long slow grinder, not too steep but a long time in the saddle. From Tahoe City, you could ride down the Truckee River to Truckee, then hit Northstar and Brockway Pass for a good sized climb, then drop into Kings Beach and back to Tahoe City. You can ride West Shore down to Emerald Bay as well. That's relatively safe and gives you a few rollers and a good sized climb before the bay. If you get to Donner, climb out of the west side up to Serene Lake. Incredible views of Donner and the Tahoe basis.

Have an awesome time!!

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There's chain control on 50 and 80 tonight! We have sleet and 35 degrees down at 4000 feet, and it might conceivably just turn to snow overnight. The weather should improve significantly by the weekend ...

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DalyCityDad said:
...what are some good routes to ride? I will be staying in Tahoe city (I think). Also, are there any good lbs's in the area? Thanks.
Considering that Squaw Valley is opening for skiing this weekend, I'd guess there's still snow.

Web cam:

It's live. I saw two skiers, and they were gone when I clicked Refresh. Looks like lots of snow.

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Snowed at my house in S. Reno last night. By Sunday riding all roads should be fine, but wet most likely. Mt. Rose is white, white, white! :) Great for backcountry ski, lousy for dry roads.

Also, watch the sand!!!
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