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Make sure you cross the bridge on the west side (bikes only on weekends). When you reach the north end of the bridge you will pass through a small parking lot and then go up a short climb to a stop sign. Going left takes you on the Headlands ride, going to the right will lead you back under the freeway in about 100 yards or so, and then down the hill (a couple of miles) into Sausalito. Always stay on the main drag... you will pick up the bike path right at Mike's Bikes a few more miles past the downtown where the main road enters 101 North. If you got an extra 45 minutes or so, take the left at the end of the bridge and do the headlands.... the climb is obvious, just keep the ocean in sight all the way up. The drop down towards the lighthouse is way cool.... the way out of the valley will be easiest through the tunnel, and then continue on down the hill into Sausalito as mentioned above.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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