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goo in tubes. bad thing?

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hey all, read a post stating that goo in the tubes is pretty much worthless, which after quite a few flats i must agree. despite this, i still haven't gotten around to changing out my tubes. i was just curious, do you think i will notice a difference between the wheel/tire/tube setup that i have now on my bike (stock allez 05' wheel, stock tube with goo/cheap tire) and my new setup which will be neuvation R 28 Aero, lightweight tube, and pro2 tires? btw- new setup will be used for racing, i like the idea of the heavy setup...might even fill the tubes with water :)
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i hope so

i certainly hope i'll notice a difference. i'm surprised to hear that you think the tires will make the biggest difference, but i guess that makes sense since i'm using the same tires my bike came with about 2,000 miles ago. i know that getting the new setup is going to make me want to ride even more, which i guess is probably the biggest upgrade i can do. thanks for the post.
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