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Ventruck said:
"Math", as in, went to Sheldon's site, plugged in the appropriate gear values and played with several cadence inputs until they matched my average speed.

Flats aren't much of spin sessions either ~80rpm. Plan today is to "stress" the idea of spinning. "Intervals" of spinning seems to be the appropriate approach. But for a bit of confusion, I do know "how to spin" comfortably up to 100rpm, however this only happens during my warm-ups and recovery segments in a much lighter gear - up to 20min and imaginably longer if I wanted. I just can't seem to "translate" any of that into my regular and higher intensity. I seem to opt for certain (mashing) gears instead once that happens.

And specializedrider, thanks for the link. I do recall that thread, and see it as something less related to cadence, but it doesn't hurt to take what I can from a second look.
So you don't have a computer with cadence? Go get one. Until you do, this whole discussion is just academic.

One point I'll make is that a top end of 100 rpm sounds low. I guess it depends what you mean by 'comfortable', but it should definitely be 100+. My friends and I will go out and do low gear sprints. Everyone puts it in the 39-25 (or lower) and slowly ramps up to sprint for a street sign or something. By the end you'll still be going less than 20 mph, but you should hit 180+ rpms.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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