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Riding or driving?

101 is closed to bikes for most of it. 37 may be also.

Most wineries are north of the town of Sonoma, so those directions may not get you to where you want to be anyway.

The basics are GG Bridge then down Alexander Drive and through Sausalito (only paved route for bikes). At the north side of town, you get some options.

The easiest to describe that would be acceptable would be to follow the route that the Tour of CA uses. But this is also a long and hilly route. After Sausalito, take the bike path to the helicopter tour place, then get on Highway 1 and take this north along the coast. At about Valley Ford, you can start heading back inland towards Santa Rosa and Sonoma Valley. Faking Google Maps, this looks to be about 80 miles from SF to Santa Rosa.

if it is actually the town of Sonoma you want to get to, you would turn off at Point Reyes Station and head up Point Reyes-Petaluma Road. Take this to Petaluma and then cut through town and work your way to 116, which takes you to the town of Sonoma. Looks like 70 miles or so.

These roads are doable, but not the best. There are options which get you off some of the more heavily traveled roads, but they are hard to describe.

Also, there is a more direct route north (rather than crossing the hills twice on the way over and back from the coast), but once again very difficult to describe. Lots of back roads and turns. Note - more direct route would still be well over 50 miles.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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