Goodyear is back in the bicycle tire business after a four-decade absence. The American tire giant has come out swinging with a complete line of mountain bike, road, gravel, and city tires.​

There's a new player in the bicycle tire business and it's a big one. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio, known for its promotional blimps and extensive line of automotive, truck, motorcycle, industrial, and airplane tires, has joined other major tire manufacturers by introducing a line of tires for the two-wheel, human-powered set.

This actually signals a return for Goodyear, which began in 1898 with bicycle tires, making them until 1976. The company is named after Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber. Among its impressive past, Goodyear introduced the first tubeless tires for automobiles in 1903. The firm has a long involvement in motorsports, sponsoring the Indianapolis 500, Formula 1, and NASCAR.

Now back in the cycling world, Goodyear has gone all in with a complete lineup of mountain, road, gravel, and city/touring tires. For more on mountain bike models head over to


Somewhat telling in the range is the fact Goodyear is only producing a single road model and two gravel options.​

As you read this, key bicycle retailers will have Goodyear product on their shelves. Hawley handles distribution in the United States. In Canada, Lambert is the sole Goodyear distributor.

Developed in partnership with Rubber Kinetics and longtime cycling industry veteran Luke Musselman, Goodyear's models cover an extensive range but trend towards the more premium in terms of pricing and performance. The entire road, gravel, mountain bike, and some of the touring models use Goodyear's Tubeless Complete technology. With airtight sidewalls, installing the tires with a floor pump is easily achieved thanks to a softer material around the bead to help it conform and seal on the rim bead. With a sample size of two pair of tires, we can confirm that tubeless setup is excellent.

Here's a rundown of the road, gravel, city/touring line. Expect in-depth reviews in the coming months.

Goodyear Eagle

The Eagle All-Season is Goodyear's sole road tire offering. With tubeless compatibility, puncture protection, and large volume sizes, it looks like a great road option.​

Eagle All-Season

The Eagle All-Season is the only tire in the Goodyear road tire line. It features Goodyear's DYNAMIC: Silica4 compound, a smooth center section, and side siping for good all-weather performance. Offered exclusively in Goodyear's Tubeless Complete casing, the Eagle receives R:Armor protection as well. Sizes offered are 700x25, 28, 30, and 32mm. Wider options of the Eagle All-Season could also serve as a good mixed surface tire thanks to its puncture resistant construction and tubeless compatibility. All sizes retail for $70.

All Terrain

Somewhat inexplicably, Goodyear is calling its gravel line "All Terrain." Most would hear that and think mountain bike, but not so with Goodyear. On offer are two models, the County and the Connector. Both are tubeless compatible. We have a couple rides on the larger Connector model and so far it has impressed. We'll have a full review in the coming weeks.

Goodyear County

The go-fast gravel tire in the line is Goodyear's County. Its smooth center section and 35mm width prioritize speed in mixed surface conditions.​


With a smooth center section and progressive side knobs, the County is the go-fast gravel tire from Goodyear. It is available in both a Premium and an Ultimate casing, with the latter a lighter, suppler, more puncture resistant option. It is offered with a Tubeless Complete casing featuring Full Protection R:Armor in a 700x35mm width. Retail is $60 for the Premium construction and $70 for the Ultimate.

Goodyear Connector

Goodyear's Connector is 40mm wide and provides traction via a series of tightly-packed center knobs and more widely spaced cornering knobs.​


The Connector is Goodyear's larger volume tire at 700x40mm. It has a series of small, tightly packed knobs in its center and more widely spaced knobs for cornering traction. Its cross section is fairly peaked which lends a fast-rolling feel, but it may suffer in the transition to cornering compared to rounder cross section gravel tires. As expected, it is offered in a Tubeless Complete casing with full, bead-to-bead protection. As with the County, the Connector comes in a $60 Premium and a $70 Ultimate casing.

Goodyear Transit Speed

The Transit series offers two models for city, urban, and touring. Both feature fast-rolling tread patterns, deep siping for wet weather traction, and robust puncture protection.​

Transit Series

Designed for city, urban riding, and touring, the Transit series is designed with an emphasis on durability and puncture protection. There are two tire models in the series, the Transit Speed and the Transit Tour. Both models are offered in three different constructions. All of them feature reflective sidewalls. Pricing varies by construction from $40 to $60.

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