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Finally got my LHT back yesterday (rear-ended several weeks ago). The wheel had to be specially built, and is actually better than the original wheel (thicker spokes)! My friend helped me pick up lots of boxes from the PO yesterday. Excited to see what I got ... Great disappointment to find out the bike shop sent the wrong panniers and the wrong handlebar bag. So now I have to box the stuff up and send it back. The repair stand may also not be the one I ordered ....

Got my DiNotte 140 installed, and man that light is quite impressive! I don't think it will do much good at all during the daytime though ...

Finished taping up my bars, repositioned the AirZound (attached to the left rear of the Surly Nice front rack) and headlamp (attached to the front left of the Surly Nice rack). Next I need to install the Pitlock skewers. Still waiting for the Carradice Long Flap and front panniers (hopefully the saddlebag and front panniers will be the right order).

Also got my ClickStand! I'm ready to do some serious riding .....

- Riding 4 Life
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