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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this information is already in another post but I've read through a lot of GPS discussions and I'm still confused.

I'm looking for a GPS that will give me directions while touring. I've worked out the route that I want to take on Google Maps, but I'm going to be cycling over 100 miles a day and don't want to have to keep stopping to check directions. I'm not too worried about having the speedometer, heart rate, cadence etc functions that some devices offer, it's really just the directions that I need. So far I've only looked at the Garmin Dakota and Garmin Edge models. Please could someone give me some advice on which is better suited to my needs, or is there a different model that would be better than both of those? I'm also confused about whether I'd need to buy (or possibly download open source for free?) maps for the GPS. Some advice about that would also be greatly appreciated!



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I use the Edge 705 for both road and off-road rides. I like it a lot. Battery life is OK and can be extended with one of those AA - USB chargers.

The 705 will do routing and uploaded routes can be navigated; turn left in 500 ft. etc.

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For long-haul touring you want the most robust solution possible. I suggest good maps, and route sheets with turn-by-turn instructions. You can mount these on your handlebars inside a waterproof map case. I think the reality of multi-day touring is that there you will find time to check the maps while you ride. You are not going to be heads down for a 100 miles, day after day, with no time to check a map.

But having said that a back-up GPS is a good idea. The Edge 705 is what you want, but pricey. It is a sophisticated device and takes some getting used to. You will need to manage the battery. If you let the 705 choose routing you will want to double-check to make sure that it doesn't make silly suggestions. I think you can upload free maps to the 705 (eg. from, though it takes some effort.

A car GPS is much cheaper and easier to use. However, they are designed to be powered from the car so battery life is much worse. The routes are also optimized for cars and you generally can't upload your preferred route to it. And they're probably not at all waterproof, and not really appropriate for mounting on a bike.
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