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GPS take II

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Thanks for all the input on my previous thread. I learned some stuff.
New request for advice. I want a speedometer/tripometer/odometer and anything else is icing. Actual mapping is totally unnecessary. The only reason for GPS is so I don't have to attach anything to a spoke or the crank.
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There's lots of options for basic GPS computers.
These all have good reviews. I've never used them. But I do have a Coospo HRM that works great.

The Coospo BC26 is calling out to me. I'll wait to see if there are more responses to this post, but $25 is going to be hard to beat for a unit with Bluetooth and the basics I want. It's unclear to me if the 'odometer' is plus a tripmeter, or just a tripmeter: i.e. no memory.
According to one of the reviews:
And the third stat is one of your choice from: time (current duration of ride), distance (so far for this ride), altitude, odometer (total distance ridden over multiple rides), and total riding time (over multiple rides). You can scroll between these while the device is in operation.

Of course you can also link it to Strava which will track your mileage.
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Do you know or think one has to have the bluetooth phone with them on the ride? ..and then use bluetooth after the ride to upload?
The phone is only if you want to sync to Strava.
I think you can also use the App to configure the device.

But it works independently as just a bike computer.

.So the real question is do you think you can link to computer, then to strava? I'm thinking not since there is no app for other than apple or android.
I concur.
I don't see anyway to upload without the app... which isn't for the computer.

There are Android emulators that run on the computer that would let you install the app.
It might be possible to do it that way
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Your saying you need a phone to link to strava. I looked at the manual and the their www site.
Since you are computer savy.... I don't use a phone normally. My computer has blue tooth. So the real question is do you think you can link to computer, then to strava? I'm thinking not since there is no app for other than apple or android. I'm hoping you have seen something otherwise.
I hate smart phones in case your wondering.
This one does with USB cable from PC. It's $70.
It'll connect to sensors too, HR/Cad/Power

Sync Data
USB connection
Connect the device to the computer with USB cable.
Computer will recognize the device as a new disk, find the folder "fit activity" , and copy the files in the folder to the computer.
Upload the activity file(.fit)
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Well, the last update for my phone did something to the GPS. Ride with GPS loses GPS a lot. Running and MapMyRide lose GPS enough to be annoying. And Polar Beat only occassionally gets the signal. And my maps show me off the trail or the road by up to 100 yards or more, on either side. My reciprocal routes look more like F1 race tracks.

So, I may be in the market for a Garmin. Does Garmin require a subscription to use all of it's features? If so, are any of the features available for free? I have been burnt by devices advertising all they can do and then finding out the one thing I really want it for require a "Premium" membership or subscription. I'm looking at a Garmin 530 or 830 (or the newer 540 or 840).
Nope no subscriptions for any of Garmin features and functions.
Their Garmin Connect site tracks all your rides and data. Like Strava but with the social aspect.
It actually has MUCH more ride data.
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