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WrenchScienceCliff said:
Hey Fellow Tall Cyclists,
I just wanted to give a shout-out to Colnago and other brands that are making nice big bikes. It is hard to be 6'5 and find a high-end ride, especially if you're looking at stock bikes. Many companies are too cheap (fiscally conservative?) to make a mold for an extreme size, or are just scared of making a carbon bike for a big rider.
I've attached two shots here, one of me on my old Seven Alaris, and also of a recent build at Wrench Science of a 65cm Colnago Master X-light.
Are you a tall rider too? Post your shots here! I want to see some massive headtubes!
Tell me who else makes good tall bikes!
Not quite as big, but here's my 62cm MXL
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