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After all the good feedback here, I attempted to purchase a new Chorus 10 grouppo from, but the charge was declined by my bank.While waiting for the Fraud Fantasy Deptartment to get back to me, I did some more shopping around and found nearly the same deal at I placed the order, and this time it went through no problem (apparently my bank feels retailers in NYC are legit, but those in Italy are suspect).

In any event, I received quick order confirmation, then next day, another email stating that they were out of stock on the Chorus shifters, and their supplier was out too. As a result, they were upgrading my order to Record shifters, and they would send an email as soon as the order shipped. Sure enough, the order shipped on day three, and I received tracking info immediately. Four days later, the package arrives with the entire component group in unopened retail packages and securely packed.

Great price, quick shipping, good communication. Call me a happy customer.:thumbsup:

I'll most likely give 11speed another try soon, as I'm looking at the Eurus wheelsets...

BTW, the compact carbon crankset is dead sexy. Can't wait to build up my new frame when it arrives...

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