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When I walked in Win’s Wheels for the first time, I did a double-take … “Is this really a local bike shop?" It was immaculate appearing to be more an Indy or NASCAR shop. Then I met Win Allen. With over 20 years of experience, ranging from LBS service technician to Cannondale professional sales and 10 years of road racing experience, he knows his stuff.

Our project was to freshen-up a 2002 Cannondale R4000Si, including a total rehab of the entire drive train and selecting components for the climbing found throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. In addition Win made practical recommendation on new tires and tubes plus a few ‘while its here maybe’ suggestions … but no hard sell. Once we agree on the end-produce all that was necessary was a handshake and Win leaped into action.
Not being the most patient person in the world, getting a phone call a few days later that the parts were in was encouraging. Then, in a few hours, Win had completed the work.

We need to support local service shops that are interested in doing honest, professional, quality-oriented work. If you’re in the Thousand Oaks/Conejo Valley area, Win’s Wheels gets my business.

Oh – the R4000Si turned out great … a light-weight Sherpa … step on the pedal and forward you move!

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excellent. i need a good local shop; agoura cycles is... not great
and sundance is too... something i can't put my finger on.
i like bicycle john's in burbank 'cause i've known him since 1990.
will have to check Win's out.
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