This weekend GreenEDGE Cycling held their inaugural media launch to officially introduce the team and present the 2012 kits, SCOTT bikes and helmets. With this launch, the team is now ready to take on the WorldTour, starting with the Tour Down Under which will begin this week. Below are images and descriptions of the products, as well as our FTP link to download the images and more information.

Racing Kit - Team GreenEDGE

SCOTT Foil - Team GreenEDGE
Overcome the elements and break the competition aboard the new FOIL Aero road bike. The FOIL possesses a perfect balance of lateral stiffness, low overall weight and aerodynamics to effectively transform rider input into acceleration. Climb, Sprint, Win.

SCOTT Plasma - Team GreenEDGE
The Carbon Experts have done it again. The new Plasma3 incorporates SCOTT Aerodynamic Science, an engineering initiative that produces the most aerodynamic bicycle equipment for competitive cyclists. We invented Aero with the creation of the aero bar, and now we're raising the bar on how clean and fast a Triathlon/TT bike can be. We design the future, and it's much faster.

SCOTT Vanish - Team GreenEDGE
This helmet is so light and comfortable it seems to Vanish. The best equipment should keep you comfortable and safe, and with ConeheadTM technology, you can rest assured you're protected. The Conical interface points in the molding disperse impact loads to protect your head with no weight penalty. Feels like you're wearing nothing at all.