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I tried to post a chemical name in a response on the Fitness & Nutrition forum and the board software censored the name. H O M O C Y S T E I N E is a element of blood chemistry and is not and unacceptable word in our Political Correctness society. It upsets me that the word was changed to ****cysteine.

This form of censorship is totally wrong and unacceptable to me. Please let me know when the board has fixed this MAJOR PROBLEM. Have the stupid censorship software removed immedately. If feel very insulted that a free exchange of ideas on blood chemistry is not allowed on this board.

The word/prefix H O M O means (according to my dictionary)

"n., pl. -mos 1. (italics) the genus of bipedal primates thaat includes modern humans and several extinct forms, as H. erectus and H. habilis, distinguished by their large brains and a dependence upon tools 2. (sometimes) a. a member of this genus. b. the species H O M O sapeins or one of its members.

a combining form meaning "same, identical": H O M Ogeneous; H O M Ology..."

BTW the H O M O in the above cited dictionary were put there by me as the software also censored those words.

Actually after seeing what this brain dead software is doing, I am no longer upset, just amused at the stupidity of the people who feel that they can "protect" us from words they find offensive my automactically censoring certain groups of letters without using their brains for anything besides holding their ears apart.

Here is a list of words from my dictionary that this software censors (just replace the **** with h o m o ):

****logue or ****log
****phobia (what this software has)
**** sapiens

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In the earlier days of mtbr their Filth Filter sensored the word "potassium" on me. Let's see what it does this time..........

Yep that went through ok. I guess Francis has become more open-minded in his old age.

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gregg said:
Fixed now. Just an oversight, not an attempt at mind control.




The longer I use the new board, the better I like it . Or is that the less I dislike it? Anyhow the postings still seem to be entertaining and educational.
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