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dahadley said:
Hi cyclists,

I saw the thread about the Khaybar and it was already locked. Just wanted to give my 2 cents worth on the wonderful frame.

Just for reference, in the past I've owned litespeed (3, 2 classics, 1 ultimate), Douglas, Colnago (C40, what else?), BMC (slt01), Isaac Kelvin, Specialized Roubaix, Kuota Kredo. Every frame had its own special characteristics. The litespeeds are buttery smooth and fairly cheap, the colnago had a tight and comfortable ride, superb quality (but very expensive), the BMC was stiff yet compliant, the Kelvin was very stiff and pefect for crits but nice enough for long rides, the roubaix was like a honda - reliable and expected, the kuota was smooth but a bit flexy.

But...the nicest frame that I've found for my geometry has been the Guerciotti Khaybar. It has the build quality and ride of the Colnago. Very smooth, stiff - but not too, and absolutlely superb quality. The stiffness is not quite the BMC but is greater than the C40, without sacraficing ride quality. Don't get me wrong, the BMC rides beatifully and I would have never sold it unless the top tube was just a bit too long. The Guerciotti has a slightly shorter top tube, does not have a rediculously short head tube and rides with build quality of the colnago.

If you find a khaybar frame on ebay, snap it up. You will not be disappointed. If you fit the BMC (have not tried the all carbon version, only the swiss made version), buy that, you will not be disappointed -- until around mile 80. :)
Did you get your frame custom made?
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