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scout II said:
I have an older steel guerciotti that I would like to modernize. I plan to have it repainted soon and rebuilt for a "jack of all triads" road bike. Mostly 50mi training rides, maybe some local crits (i realize its not a crit bike) and some local road racing. I am a serious MTBer who likes the road but dose not take it serious - just for training.
Heres is the deal - it has a threaded fork (classic chrome, raked) and quill stem. I would like to get a thread-less system. Maybe i am wrong but it seams like the Quill stems are very flexy. Most of the forks i see for sale are Carbon, composite, straight bladed, or something else I don't want. i am afraid these modern forks are going to mess up the "comfort" of this classic???
I think the ride will benefit from a 31.8 stem and flat top bar. but needs to keep the classic raked fork for some dampening
Why not get a road wheelset from eBay or CL and road tires for your cross bike? There are several internet sites that offer new high quality wheels for a reasonable price. Minimal investment involved and determine if that addresses your situation. That would be much cheaper than a new fork, stem and handlebars.

The Italian steel bike will be worth a lot more if it is all original equipment should you ever decide to sell it. Italian steel vintage or classic bikes are much coveted for the quality of the ride and style. I have two quill stem road bikes and have never noticed any "flex". Maybe have a shop check it over and make sure there isn't a problem with the headset or wheel.

The differences you are perceiving may be due to the wheelset, spoke count and tires. Why don't you post your height and weight. Also some detailed pictures of the Guerciotti so we get a better idea of what the situation is.
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