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"Profile BRC Fork $200. Gunnar Roadie straight-blade 1 1/8" fork $275. Custom fork or Reynolds Ouzo Pro 1 1/8" composite steerer/blades fork $325."

I just put in an order for a Roadie and went with the straight blade option, not having much of any bike knowledge, save for a few weeks of researching and finding the roadie to be a very nice bike.
What exactly is the difference between the 3 options as far as performance, longevity, etc.?

And any suggestions as to the stem/bar/saddle/seatpost? I'm going with this kit
but have read bad things about the ritchey seatpost on this site. Thinking about switching it with a Thompson, and leaving the rest of the kit alone.
Just need a little reassurance on my choices before its too late!
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