The story of Guru Bikes began in 1993, when a young engineering student and bike aficionado set out to do what many had tried before him - to build the perfect bike. Guru was one of the first to combine aerospace-inspired methods and materials with a passion for fine craftsmanship. You may have seen their process on the TV show, How it's Made. Today, the same passion for craftsmanship continues at Guru, just with a bigger and more diverse crew of cycling enthusiasts. Each Guru bike is still crafted one at a time at their headquarters located just outside Montreal, Canada. Known for making custom sized bikes, in both carbon fiber and titanium, Guru also also developed it's own computerized and robot-assisted fit system. The Guru Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU) ensures you have the proper and optimum geometry setup on your bike.

Introduced in 2008, Guru's current flagship road bike is the Photon. The Photon is offered in several tiers and options. Photon's start out with what Guru calls their Tier 3 option, a stock geometry frame with stock paint, at $4000 with Enve 1.0 fork. At Tier 2, you step up to custom paint with that same stock geometry - starting at $4200 and going up depending on your chosen paint scheme. And for those that need custom geometry, Tier 1 starts out at $4900 and the sky's the limit with how you'd like to paint the bike.

According to Josh Novis of Guru, "The Photon is quite simply, the world's most advanced composite road frame. At the root of this bike's gram-for-gram supremacy is the use of North-American sourced, military grade HS-40 carbon fiber."

In this video, Josh shows us what makes a Guru Photon stand out...

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