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USAC can't break away from UCI

TurboTurtle said:
Personally, though it would certainly curtail (eliminate??) any Americans making it to the pro ranks, Olympics, etc; I think that amateur racing in the US would be much better off if USAC broke away from UCI totally. I see the purpose of the UCI is to maintain the cycling power in continental Europe. - TF
USAC breaking away from UCI is a non-starter. If they did, not only would no US rider be able to attend World Championships or the Olympics (both of which are run through the UCI), but US riders wouldn't even be able to ride in any pro races.

Remember that UCI does not license riders directly - they are licensed through their national federations. With no UCI affiliated national federation, there would be no US riders with UCI licenses. (There could still be American Pro riders - but they would have to get their licenses through some other country's national cycling federation.)

Also keep in mind that the reason USAC was created in the first place is because UCI required that each participating nation have a single national cycling federation (USAC governs USCF, USPro, NORBA and NCCA).
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