We first met Ondřej Novotný from Festka Bicycles in the Czech Republic when the NAHBS show was in Sacramento back in 2012. We caught our first glimpse at his bike like the Carbon Racing Team Bike and the Lugged Carbon Royal Flush. Festka is a young, progressive, Czech bike company that designs and hand-makes unique, tailored bicycles and accessories.

For this year's edition of NAHBS, Festka shows us two new Titanium frames, The Mist and The Root. Ondřej explains, "We are proud to have a real master in our team. A person who has devoted his life to titanium and whose experience is defined by milestones in the cycling history. In the early 90's he was head of the cycling production in Morati. Titan cranks produced there in 1994 were his first success and many more followed. We are happy to introduce Svatopluk Zatloukal, the guru behind Festka titanium frames The Mist and The Root."

The new hotness isn't limited to Ti, Festka also introduces its new Art Collection featuring Tomski & Polanski design with the carbon Festka Urban Zero.

Festka also introduced a cycling apparel collection called "High Voltage". Ondřej says, "High Voltage is a brand that specializes in cycling apparel and pays extra attention to safety, quality, comfort and unique design. Cooperation with ever so popular illustrators duo Tomski & Polanski has been one fine ride. Not only they cycle, which is awesome, but they love it and share our excitement to freshen up the kits with artful attitude."

Be sure to scroll through all the pix in the photo gallery below for photos of the chromed out Festka Zero, Hardy and more. Hit "Full Screen" to get the BIG pictures.

For more information: www.festka.com