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Oops, this time the driver was ME. I was riding my beach cruiser down the *gasp* sidewalk yesterday along a busy blvd. My cell rang, reached in to my pocket and answered it.

I was now one-handed and approaching a blind entrance to a parking lot. Right as I'm about to cross the driveway a woman in an SUV pulls out in front of me and stops while exiting the lot.

I jam on the coaster brake and fumble like an idiot with one hand off the bars. She covers her face with her hands, expecting some company in her passenger seat.

I haul the bike to stop with a couple feet to spare. The strange thing was that she was appologizing like crazy and I'm saying back to her - "no no, I'm the guy on the freakin cell fault!"

Just a little awareness that it's not always "them". ;) Lesson learned.
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