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I received this e-mail today:

Hello i saw your advert through computer and i am interested in by
your( Carbon Fiber Giant)so i will like to know the present condition of
it and the last price you are willing to sell it for me also i will like
to inform you that my method of payment will be by cashier check drawn in
uk so if you are still interested in selling it i will like you to get back to
me so that i can forward the payment..

I know you've seen this a million times, but what I thought was interesting was that my bike is NOT on E-bay or any other auction site. The only place I have posted my bike is on a local cycling club message board (that hardly gets used at all). So these guys are trolling every cycling related website on the net?

Or maybe it's someone I know just trying to find out how dumb I really am?

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I got it too, from "James Begg".

Here's my response (snip)

"It's available, and the present condition is that of what you read on the

It's $520, shipped within the United States.

If paying by cashier's check, I will wait for the check to clear to make
sure that it is not fraudulent.

Let me know, and I will give you all the shipping information for the
cashier's check. Provided the check is not fraudulent, I will ship it via
UPS and provide you with a UPS tracking number.

Jed Peters"

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USPS Money order or cash only

Paypal and other credit card linked transactions can be recalled after receipt of item, then you'll have a battle on your hands.
I just tell the jerks and legitimate buyers that I will take either cash or a United States Postal Money order. And payment must either be in person or via the regular U.S. mail, and they can certify the mail delivery if they choose to do so.
Nothing ships until I have cash in hand and until there is no chance for it to be recalled.

I read here or elsewhere recently that someone is wallpapering their home office with forged bank draft notes. Probably will start showing up on e-bay one of these days:
"Forged Nigerian Scammer Check mounted in a nice synthetic gold frame."
I can see it all now....

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I've had two such scams come through on my wife's bike. One was from Russia, the other was the classic "I'll send you a cashiers check for $5,000 and you take out the price of the bike and pass the rest on to my broker".

I didn't respond to either of them.
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