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I've been tinkering with my Giant OCR C3 for a few months trying to dial it in. Everything seems to be fine except the front wheel creaking. However, it would only creak when I stood up to sprint, climb, or from a stop. I had both front and rear stock Xero Lite wheels trued twice to make sure everything was tight before considering new wheels.

I'm 230lb 5' 11" and thought it has to be my weight. Since it was only the front wheel, I decided to buy a used Mavic Ksyrium Elite for pretty cheap too, $80 shipped. While I waited for the wheel to show up, I told my buddy about it. We're part of a Sunday group ride and are proportioned similarly. We run down a checklist of what I've diagnosed with the creaking. He then said, "have you checked to see if its the magnet on your spoke for the speedometer?"

I had gone through everything else except the most basic of things. I slid down the magnet and no more creaking! I felt like "Mr. Dumass". Now I have an extra front wheel as a spare I guess.:p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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