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Hi guys,

I was wondering if you could give me some insight, basically I am trying to get the right size bike for a lady who has given me what geometry she needs from a retul system bike fit.

The bike is a wilier izoard xp, and i've been a bit disappointed with the geometry values which wilier give online...

Anyway I can't decide which size to go for - it's between a small and a medium. It seems the top tube of the wiliers doesn't change much (only 10mm) whereas the headtube changed around 30mm. This lady has a saddle to handlebar drop of only 2cm. Anyway enough about that here are the measurements so you can help me:

Saddle height 710mm
saddle setback from bb -66mm
frame stack 586mm
frame reach 380mm
handlebar stack 646mm
handelbar reach (bb to centre of bar)451
handlebar reach (tip saddle to bar top) 517mm
handlebar drop from saddle tip -21mm

If you need any other measurements please let me know. She's expecting some kind of answer tomorrow.

She is sold on the wilier even though it is obvious she needs something with more relaxed geometry... which is why I am reluctant to give her a small. However from my calculations she will need a 4cm spacer stack with a +7 105mm stem, where as the the medium needs a far more conventional set up with maybe a 0 degree stem say maybe 90mm (I didn't do the calculation for this one) But only a small amount of seat post will be showing which i'm sure will confuse everyone involved and in turn make me look like I have ordered the wrong bike....

Enough of my rambling! I'd be thankful of any help and im around to answer questions right now, thanks!

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4 cm is a big spacer stack, depending on the steer tube material.

I have a couple bikes with 90 mm stems. I think they handle fine.

I don't choose bikes for other people, as a rule, but hey, you did ask The Internet.
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