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I'm going to write myself a program because I don't have a fancy cyclo computer and I want some customized graphs and whatnot to track my progress.

Right now I am planning on making the application real basic: take in your time and distance for each ride and track it. It will calculate average speed and be able to graph all three (time spent, miles ridden, average speed).

All I need from you are some answers...
a) Are you interested in having this application?

If so,
b) What else do you want to keep track of?
c) Would you be interested in a website that could do it as well?
d) Any of you with fancy cycloputers: do they provide you with data files or do they just upload to an app? If files, could I get a few so I could maybe figure out a way to import the data?

For those of you who know out there, I am planning on writing this in WPF/.NET 3.5 and probably writing an ASP.NET/AJAX front end for it as well for fun. I just obtained some licenses to some sweet control libraries and want to give them a run for their money.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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