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pherret said:
I have read many threads regarding heart rate monitors being very benificial and some saying percieved effort is a better standard to go by. I wanted to see which way you believe is better. Or is it something people buy saying it will make them a better cyclist and after using it a few times never look at except once and a while.

Also what do people think of the polar s720i and the suunto x6hr? I was trying to find screenshots of the downloaded data but cant find any on the web. If you have any please post, as I would like to see which one offers a better way to log rides and also to use for other activities.

Thanks for all that chime in.
I don't think you need a 720i unless you don't already have a bike computer and have $ burning a hole in your pocket. I just bought one and have owned many Polar HRMs over the years. You can't go wrong with a Polar. They all work great--from the $50 model to the S720i. If you opt for the 720 be prepared to spend some time getting aquainted with all the numerous features and controls though.
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