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pherret said:
I have read many threads regarding heart rate monitors being very benificial and some saying percieved effort is a better standard to go by. I wanted to see which way you believe is better. Or is it something people buy saying it will make them a better cyclist and after using it a few times never look at except once and a while.

Also what do people think of the polar s720i and the suunto x6hr? I was trying to find screenshots of the downloaded data but cant find any on the web. If you have any please post, as I would like to see which one offers a better way to log rides and also to use for other activities.

Thanks for all that chime in.
I have the 720 and use it as my cyclometer as well. It does take a little learning to use it. What I like about it is it easiyl downloads (IR) to both my computer and IPAQ. I use My Sports Training to keep track of my excersises, and since the HR, speed, cadence and altitude are all stored in the unit, everything gets downloaded. Most software supports the Polar files.You can also use the included Polar software or several others. I have attached a view form MST (windows). I also have MST on my IPAQ, and the 720 downloads directly to it, which then syncs and updates my windows version.
If you do get a HRM, I highly recommend the book "The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Cyclists" by Sally Edwards and Sally Reed. It really improves your training.
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