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Would appreciate examples, and causes if you know, of erroneous readings in wireless HR monitors. As a backdrop, my current one seems to work fine, and I'm attuned to my ranges and efforts. So here's the story. Today during a spinning session at the gym (only because it has been raining in this city for four days straight) I picked up a rate well above my max (>230), during a cooling down period! Let's assume for the sake of making this discussion useful that it wasn't me (I cross checked it with direct measurement and it was exactly where it should have been - tailing down in the 120's). My hypothesis is that these classes are so cramped that you might pick up cross-talk (apologies to the EE's if that's not technically correct). I.e., people of course sat up as we were cooling down, and maybe my sensor was picking up my signal along with fragments of, say, the guy in front of me and averaging it in? Is this possible, or are these things set up to closely match your own equipment to avoid it? As noted, this is a hypothesis, but since I was down to about 120, if I was picking up a signal from a person at a similar stage, 230 would make sense. Anyway, probably over detailed here, but any thoughts would be appreciated. Freaked me out at first!

Thank you.
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