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Helix Sport handling? Which Lynskey delivers quick handling?

I am considering building up a Helix Sport and wanted input on the bike handling geometry. I would be riding a Small at 5'4" and 170lbs. I bought a used Trek Domane S4 this past winter and while very, very smooth it is not inspiring. I have an 8yr old cyclo-cross bike with 30c slicks that is nearly as smooth. So why have two similar bikes? Yeah, same response here. Will sell the Domane and build a sporty/race bike. Was considering a CAAD 12 or Optimo, but for a few hundred more, I think I can get a Lynskey frameset built up. Can anyone with Helix experience share with me how the Helix Sport should ride vs a CAAD12 geometry or Allez DSW Sprint?

Built my wife her first roadbike, R255 Industrial Mill, this past winter with full Rival, Fulcrum 7s, Fabric Scoop saddle, Shimano R550 pedals, and some Performance pieces (tape, alloy post, stem, and handle bars). All in I was about +/- $1,900. Recently added a Lezyne Macro GPS unit with cadence and speed sensor which was another $140. I think the Lynskey frames from their ebay site are great values. No guarantee on the winning bid, but it enabled me build up a "for life" bike at a reasonable cost. I find the ride to be lively vs my Domane. Not knocking Trek. IsoSpeed is real. That thing is butter, but just a different feel and more isolation from the road than I probably really want.

So I am conflicted about local LBS for an aluminum complete bike vs building up another bike. My wife's bike was my first build and I learned a ton. Probably saving a couple hundred bucks a year per bike in service fees since I can do nearly everything now. :)

I reference my wife's bike b/c I think it is a great bike, but not quite what I am wanting. The Helix Sport, a R240/150, or R360 might meet my needs better. That being a very responsive bike that can take up the road chatter and smooth some larger hits. I imagine a 25c tire with good sidewall flex will take care of the rest. I hope to ride my way to 150lbs this summer and feel an inspiring bike would help me get the miles in to hit my goal.

Please help me find the right Lynskey frame.




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