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Hey all, I am a traveling nurse from Ga. and will be going to Chico for 3 months to work at Enloe Hospital on the 18th of Aug.

I was wondering what the town/area is like (is it like LA or quieter) is there a riding group for a novice rider (25-30 miles @ 15.5 mph light climbs). I seen the Chico Corsa Riding Club but they seem way too advanced for me. Well, anything else you can add is a plus.

Hope to see some of you out there, Oh yeah, Is the road cycling there so great that I should leave the mountain bike home?

Thanks in advance

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I lived in Chico back in 1994 and it seriously ROCKED!!! I rode everywhere, and the roads really seemed set up for cycling. Honey Run Road, Skyway, Highway 32, Cohassett Road, all of them seemed to be geared toward cyclists rather than drunk college kids. You will enjoy your time there.
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