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I recently had to dump a wireless computer (sent it back for a credit) because it stopped reading the signal from the transmitter.

I replaced it with a Cateye Strada Wireless. I was suprised when it arrived in the mail -- kinda tiny!

Struggled with the set up, per usual with electronics where the directions are written by engineers in Osaka. But we got there, eventually.

First ride this a.m. -- What a nice computer!

BIG NUMBERS for miles per hour. Awesome.

Uncluttered screen -- only speed and something else.

E-Z to use -- there are no buttons to fool with -- you just push down on the bottom of the computer face -- the face is the button - and it cycles through the other info options (time, avg speed, total miles, etc.), which is displayed in smaller type.

The previous computer -- a VDO -- was good, but the screen was cluttered and there were just too many options. This one is simple, clean and much easier to read -- and it has auto-on/auto-off, which is the only way to go.

And it was cheaper -- so I end up with a better computer and some money back (thanks, Performance!).

My first Cateye computer -- excellent product.
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