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Hi there.

I thought I would just post a friendly hello. Since I can not
find an "Introduce yourself" thread.

Allright... I'm terribly out of shape, I am not a competitive rider
by any stretch of the imagination, but I love cool stuff.
And I buy lots of cool stuff just to have it. So there!

I love my cool bike. It's super fun to ride around on and I get lots of ooohs
and ahhhs from fellas such as yourselves who appreciate cool bikes.

I purchased a Maestro - Faith, Chrome Finished super suspension bike
which is extremely cool.

I also own another bike which belongs to the Giant family of bikes, the
Sedona LX. Much cheaper but a good beater if I want to take a friend
along for a ride.

So hello to you all, you folks who are obviously in much better shape than
I am in! :) I'm afraid though that my super cool bike is forcing me to ride more
often since the price of gas and everything else is going up so ridiculously.

Which means that I may very well be in better shape by the time fall and
winter roll around. Thank god laptops have become much lighter, otherwise
I'd be lugging around one of those old brick type thinkpads which weighed a ton!

Not good for the beer and wings gut I so proudly display.

So heres a quick hello from a beer drinking, laptop toting, nerdy type, Mercedes
driving, super cool gadget buying, must have the latest, type of fat cat from the
great white North!

Hail to all of you slim waisted, tight butted, super toned, great shape,
competitive, sporty, and athletic types.

Its mine, all mine!!! Muahahahahahaha!!! And its cool!

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Synergy said:
Hi there.

I thought I would just post a friendly hello. Since I can not
find an "Introduce yourself" thread.
That is a very nice bicycle however, I think the envy level would be greatly increased if you had posted this on (that's mountain bike review) vice road bike review.

Good luck,


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But do feel free to come back and show off when you buy one of these or something similar. We're cooler over here anyway! :).


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Hello Ridgetop:

Thanks for the open invite. Maybe when I'm not so heavy and don't risk crushing
a fine piece of pedal powered machine like that I will buy one!

The rims look extremely cool on those speed demons! I love how slim and fine
they are, truly art work in motion by the looks of it.

The pedals and styling look pretty awesome as well. But the saddle would surely
impale me quite unkindly due to my superior sized rear end. I'd be saddle sore for weeks
and would take an inordinately long period of time recovering from "Bump" trauma LOL.

The styling seems classic like my very first 10 speed when I was 12 years old. Back
then 10 Speeds were all the rage, especially the old Cooper brand 10s which were
always popular with high schoolers.

But damn those bikes look light and fast for sure. Definitely a very cool and fine
piece of property to own.

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