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comanche1680 said:
Great question, I don’t have an answer however. I bet the answer relates to my post on aerodynamic helmets. I have noticed that when I am drafting in a peloton and tucked down my visor is a bit of a problem. Perhaps that is changing the way you hold your head and causing the helmet to dig in.

But like I said I am not sure. Very interested in what other will say about this. Hope there are folks out there smarter than me with all the answers!
Hey, comanche, you have discovered the only real difference between road and mtb helmets. the visor gets in the way sometimes when you're in an aero position. It's the nature of road riding -- when you get really low, you have to look up . If it's really a problem for you, and it makes it hard to see adequately on the road, you might have to dispense with the cool-looking visor -- but not for aerodynamic reasons.

jeeper, there's really no solution but trying on helmets until you find one that works. You may have to search out more shops. Your big head and short neck just don't match up with that helmet and that riding position.
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