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Have any Grey Poupon????
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I need a little assistance. I have a Giro Hex helmet. I have used it for about a year riding MTB with it and it works fine. However i have now made the switch to roadie and the helmet is starting to cause a little pain. The rear retention system deal seems to kinda dig in and cause the back of my head and neck to hurt when i ride extended periods crouched on the road bike.
I have loosened it up but then it slides around on my head.
I want to buy a new helmet for Road and i'll keep the hex for the mtb, but i was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this or knows how i may fix it.

I am about 5'8, 225pounds with a really big head and short neck.haha. I was hoping to find a helmet with retention system that doesn't hang so low. Any help is greatly appreciated.

My LBS is pretty small and doesn't have much to offer as far as helmets, and i dont really want a $20 academy helmet, i guess i'll spend up to around $100 on a new helmet.
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