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Is it the future yet?
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I always use a mirror and this is the one I use.

It's low key and stays put, and never in my line of forward vision. Hooks on to the bow on my sunglasses.
The bar end mirrors can vibrate and distort what you see.

I'm neither a racer or a poser. I just call guys with mirrors "Fred."

I honestly cannot see the need. I can hear cars and what direction. I can even tell what size car or truck is coming from behind. Looking behind me is simple for me. So, I don't see the need.
I can't count how many times I've called "car back" for guys like you who are usually completely unaware, probably saving their bacon.

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BatorJan said:
I just use my iphone....put on camera mode, hold up, instant video feed of whats behind me

Very clever.

Only thing is that I have the 3GS so I’d have to hook it up to a generator to keep the battery going for more than a minute.
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