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I'm new to this forum and to cx in general. Actually I'm a mountain biker who's searching for a bike to complement his 35 lbs full susser. I'm about moving to a place where mtb riding will be a pain: just asphalt and fireroads. So I thought that a cx bike could suit me well: 80% of time on pavement and the rest of the time of moderate off-road usage. What do you think? Can a cx bike stand a bit of abuse? Sorry but I have no idea of how wheels and frame of a cyclocross bike can react to off-road pedalling.
For what concerns the models I saw: I immediately fell in love with the Salsa La Cruz (steel is real!) but it's too expensive for me. So I was looking at the Specialized Tricross or the Kona Jake the Snake. Any thought?

Thank you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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