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I’m turning 40 this year and want to replace my current 2007 Look 595 (XXL). I’ve come to realize that the 595 is either slightly undersized for me or the wrong geometry (I'm 6'4"). I have an 84cm saddle height and several cm of saddle-to-bar drop, but I still need to run 30mm of spacers under the stem.

Separately, I’d like a new bike with the newest technologies. In particular, I want disc brakes for the improved modulation and because they eliminate clearance issues for bigger tires. I also would like Di2 for improved shifting.

Usage will be general riding, group rides, grand fondos and the occasional hill climb race and road bike time trial. I will not be doing any crits or stage races.

Having studied geometries, I’ve narrowed it down to a list composed of some traditional race and endurance models. I’d appreciate peoples’ thoughts and feedback on the bikes I listed below. Also, I’d like to know if people think that the endurance models will be slower than the race bikes (I don’t think so given that my body position should be identical. So here’s the list:

Felt FR – Size 61
Pros: Good geometry; price is in my sweet spot; available as a frameset
Cons: Geo would require 5-10mm of spacers; very limited reviews, so some uncertainty as to ride/handling qualities.

Focus Paralane – Size XXL
Pros: Perfect geometry; Can take tires up to 35mm; Ultegra mechanical model reasonably priced, allowing me to refit exactly what I want within my budget
Cons: Would require me to retrofit Udi2 parts to replace mechanical; limited availability

BMC Roadmachine 02 Ultegra – Size 61
Pros: Geometry can work; Positive reviews
Cons: Talk of slipping proprietary seatpost; Geo works with taller headset cap, which I think isn’t aesthetically pleasing; Pricey – at the top of my budget.

Cannondale Supersix HiMod – Size 63
Pros: Perfect geometry; I’ve ridden a rim-brake version and liked ride/handling
Cons: I don’t like the factory builds and framesets appear to be difficult to find; QR versus thru-axle in rear; Pricey – near the top of my budget

Trek Domane SLR – Size 62
Pros: Positive reviews; Readily available
Cons: Geo is very short and tall – I’d have to run a -17 stem; Pricey – near the top of my budget
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