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Cycling induced anoesis
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I'm a total newbie, looking for a road bike for recreational riding, and potentially the occasional commute (< 10 miles). I'm hoping to keep the budget under $400-500, so I'm looking to buy used. I need some help determining whether this bike might be worthwhile:

What should I be looking for? What questions should I ask?

I won't know unless I give it a test ride, but I'm 6'3" with fairly long legs, so it seems like the frame size might be in the vicinity of what I need.

Thanks in advance for the guidance.
Like most used bikes, this one's overpriced, IMHO. Bicycle Blue Book is far from perfect, but you can generally use it as a guide for 'ball parking' a bikes value.

2008 Trek 1.2 - New and Used Bike Value

Things to look for/ check when buying used...

- headset (the bars can be turned left/ right with no binding or play)
- crankset (rotates with no binding/ play or noise)
- wheel hubs (rotate smoothly w/ no binding/ play)
- rims - spin to check that they're relatively true
- tires - cracks evident? (if they're original, I'd count on replacing them, along w/ tubes and rim strips).

During your test ride, check for fit (are you comfortable, stretched out, cramped?). Check for functional braking/ shifting, steering and note any noises.

Problems in one or more of these areas aren't necessarily deal breakers, but do indicate that some service will be required - meaning more financial outlay for you, post-purchase. Consider that when making an offer.

If you think the bike fits and you''re interested in it, I would recommend asking the seller to bring it to a reputable LBS to be assessed for mechanical condition as well as fit. While there, you could also ask them for a ballpark estimate of the bikes value.
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