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Hello, gang, I have just registered here in order to get help for choosing a bike, I have been hesitating between there bikes for 10 months now.I need a good bike, 56 cm frame size, being 178cm and 97 kg.I like road bikes very much, only ridden about 20 miles so far.I want to go to work and to Muay Thai training camp, about 1000km per month this is.I am on a tight budget but I do not want a junk that will swallow double its price for frequent repairs.The 4 contenders are KS CPR RACER (Shimano Sora 16 speed, not the 3400 version), Drag Master (Campagnolo Mirage 10s with Mirage Ergopower shifters), Scott Speedster S20 and Specialized Allez Elite 2010 (Shimano 105 with Tektro Brakes and Mondo Sport tyres).The first two bikes are cheap entry-level ones, the second being much more expensive, but much better, I guess.I have read for both the Scott at the Specialized that they have harsh ride and are quite uncomfortable, even for a road bike...I cannot wait to get one, but I want something that would last at least 2 years...I am afraid of carbon forks, for they are so fragile and so expensive.I will go aluminum.In my country, the prices are like this :

KS racer - 331 EUR

Drag Master Campa - 639 EUR (Isn`t this too much for such an old montage group ? )

Scott Speedster S20 - 1156 EUR

Specialized Allez Elite 2010 - 1126 EUR
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