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hello, im new here. Just had a question on the model and year of a colnago frameset i picked up. ill describe it for you guys.
-There is no flashy paint, it's all blue with white decals
-chrome raked fork with polished head tube lugs, and chrome drive side chain stay chrome dropouts, dropouts are colnago
-internal cable routeing,
-has 126 rear spaceing,
-has club cut out on bottom bracket
-has club on the head/down tube lug, has them on top of each side of the bottom bracket shell, has one on the brake bridge and on each side of the seat stay/seat post tube lug.
-SP tubeing with 2 sets of cage mounts. Also it is a small size like a 51.
- serial number is on drive side dropout ant reads 9F165
i think it's a late 80's classic maybe, i dont know tho.
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