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if YOU like it, buy it

CyclePimps01 said:
I am contemplating buying this bike. Can anyone tell me what it is and how much do you think it is worth?

Mid-90s Dream Decor or C95, owner is unsure. 55cm c-t, 53cm c-c seat tube, 54.5cm c-c top tube. Complete Campy 8-speed Ergo Group. Wheels are Campy hubs with Mavic rims. Great shape for its age but does have some blemishes. White and royal blue paint with pink accents and chrome lugs.

Is $650 a good price?

Thanks in advance!
If you bought it you could keep it stock as a retro bike and hope the 8spd parts hold up, or upgrade it with Athena or Volce. However you may need the rear drop-outs respaced if you upgrade to 10spd (cold-set). My Klein is a Campy 8spd with down tube levers.

If I saw the ad on a LBS bulletin board, I'd consider it for $650. It's not too high. Also, I'd keep it stock...8spd is plenty. I'd add white bar tape too, even if it shows dirt it indicates you've been riding the thing.

Bill in St. Paul, MN
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