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I've narrowed my selection down to 2 bikes. I'm trying to decide between a Colnago Extreme-C and a Time VXRS Ulteam. The colnago will be about $200 dollars more, but at this price its insignificant. It's been real hard finding any professional reviews about either bike. The Extreme-c has already had one modification - adding an additional water bottle support on the seat tube. In addition, It appears Rabobank is riding a newer/heavier version called a Extreme Power. (925 vs.1100 g). Makes me wonder if they weren't happy with the Extreme-C or maybe the more rigid Extreme Power makes more sense during these sprinter stages. I'm not a sprinter...I prefer climbing, but if one bike is better at both then I'd probably get that one. Thanks everyone
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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