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Here's my issue:

I have some wheels with Sun-Ringle Assault rims, 700c. The rims have a very shallow center channel area, which makes it extremely difficult to get tires on. In fact, I just had to give up on a pair of Vittorias because they simply wouldn't go on under any circumstances (I even put my tail between my legs and went to the LBS so they could have a go at it).

I run Maxxis Re-Fuse tires currently, which fit with some effort, but at least they go on. Unfortunately, I'm getting maybe 2-3 months of use out of the rears before the tread is gone and they get close to the end of their life. They do an awesome job of standing up to punctures, though.

I'm looking for something a bit lighter (250g or less), 25c, with better wear characteristics and good puncture resistance, but it needs to be something that fits without snapping my thumbs off.
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