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Help appreciated to ID this Track frame and fork I have partially stripped off some really bad orange paint. I'm pretty sure it's British: 531 stamp on the steerer, BSC BB shell, paint looks the part...but would like to know who built it and approx. age. I've been told the fork crown is a MilRemo which is a Ron Kitching product, but that's all I know and Ron Kit supplied stuff to many, many builders. It's very well made, it's brazed with brass and the tubes in the BB shell are mitered, there's also very few vents: only one small hole for the top tube in the headtube and none for the downtube and no vent holes in any of the stays...looks like the work of a very confident brazer, I guess. I think the BB shell is an earlier Cinelli cast unit, and it has Campy fork ends and track ends, the seat bolt is not metric, it's threaded for a 5/16" x 18 (I think) allen head bolt. It probably will go on sale after a repaint, cause it's too big for the guy I bought it for: 24" or about 62.5cm CtC.
I've posted 7 pics on this photobucket site, use this password and you can view the whole album: CRlist
Thanks in advance
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