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Not to worry

I noticed that my check cleared the bank for my C-50 and then bang his website goes down. I couldn't email him or nothin'. I got kinda concerned after mutiple attempts to gain access to his site. I was already kinda leary about ordering such a bike from overseas and this just added to it!
I bought my C-40 from Mike and actually went down to Bognor Regis to pick it up.

The shop's legit. Mike's a straight up business man and nice guy. He's heavy into bikes and taking care of his customers, many of whom are in the States. He's got three sons and they all race. The eldest two in Belgium and now the youngest one may be heading there as well.

He personally goes to the Continent to pick up the frames. When I got my bike about a year ago, Colnago's biggest problem was the number of painters which were substantially less than their production capacity. In the more popular sizes, they tend to have enough unfinished frames (C-40's although the demand for C-50's may be outstripping production capacity) around so that only the painting, if you ordered say AD-10 or other so called non-current color, would have to be done. Patience is the key.

What color did you end up picking?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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