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He was probably increasing the new Shimano prices.Even though I got the Record for my bike, the new Shimano isn't bad.I had the chance to ride it this past weekend and it shifts like a dream! The front derailer shifts like the rear, no more all of that noise when you go from the big ring to the small. I wonder why the new Shimano is so expensive, my guess its the supply in demand.
The 05 Ultegra 10 will be similarly more expensive. D/A is expensive because Shimano raised the price and the dollar hit the crapper at the same time. 2004 Campy will be more expensive as well, as I recall about 15% more thanks to currency issues (I think that what QBP said). Swell. :(

Plus Shimano had dinged many internet dealers, so the people who are allowed to carry it are closer to full retail. Some bottom feeder sites were whining about it.
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