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OK, here is my plan. I just purchased a Ridley Aedon with a Campy group, after many years of worshiping from afar. It has a FSA Omega compact crank 34/50 and I just know I will not sleep until I switch this to Campy. It is English thread, 68mm. The FD is Veloce, I am guessing from 2006, as it is not QS. It looks long but it works for compact.

I am looking at a Campagnolo Centaur C Compact 34/54 crank ( the gray model from 2006) that looks like a perfect match to my current parts. It calls for a 111mm cart. BB and I have heard that the Veloce unit is pretty well made. Based on my experience and knowledge (just enough to be dangerous) it looks to me like this will work like a charm, and I can upgrade the last non-Campy part for less than $90.

Is there anything I am missing?

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